Who Are We ?

Karina’s jewelry

Who Are We ?

We are a small business located in New York City and owned by a 20 Year Old Latina .

Karina's Jewelry is a hobby that became a love for creating jewelry for Fine People. 

For the last 20 years of my life I've been a jewelry addict in result of my mother being a 14k Gold Jeweler. Jewelry has been a fundamental part of my life and something my life never lacked off, an essential! My love for jewelry in a very hard time of my life became an escape and way to express my creativity, which then would become Karina's Jewelry. 

I created Karina's Jewelry with the aspiration to make jewelry that could be all exclusive and budget friendly. As much as my love for jewelry always existed because of my mother, 14k Gold is not something that is attainable for everyone because of the price point. So for that reason I said I am going to educate people of other great alternatives and created this small business. 

All of our Jewelry Pieces are 100% Sterling Silver 925 , Stainless Steel or 14k Gold. Which makes all of our jewelry tarnish, rust and discoloration free. I know what you might be asking yourself but doesn't Sterling Silver 925 also rust ? Over the years of it's creation , jewelers have found a way to convert Sterling Silver 925 to a material that does not rust so called "Rhodium Plated Sterling silver 925". Which is completely tarnish free unlike "Pure Sterling Silver 925" that does become darker overtime, but comes back to it's beautiful "new" finish with a simple polish or clean. However Like anything all skins types and body's are completely different, for some anything under 18k Gold could cause them a bad skin reaction, jewelry could become a shade darker or cause their skin to turn green. This is all normal and is in result of having sensitive skin or being allergic to the materials. 

Karina's Jewelry is a great alternative for 14k,18k and 24k Gold pieces. With many versatile pieces and styles we hope you find here your love for jewelry as much as our owner Karina. At the end of the day Karina's Jewelry is all gender exclusive because jewelry should not only be for Women ! 

As our tag line says it 

"Fine Jewelry For Fine People" !